Open Your Science

Our mission is to make scientific writing and publishing smooth, fast, and affordable.

About us

We are a team of two enthusiasts, a space scientist and a data scientist, passionate about science communication. During our time in academia, we were frustrated with the inefficiency of the traditional academic publishing system. Questionable peer review practices, formatting zoo, poor incentives, paywalls, to name a few. It was also obvious that the majority of the scientific community shares these concerns.

And so we embarked on a journey with Refereed. The idea was to combine all the best practices of writing, review, and publishing under one roof.

We decided to start with a solid foundation - the perfect editor for scientific writing. With that, we would remove the burden of formatting, citation management, and LaTeX from the authors. In other words, let the authors focus on writing. Our own in-house editor will also enable us to introduce interactive peer review with automatically assigned reviewers, and one-click publishing.

This is the first step but an important one. In the months to come, we will launch the Refereed preprint server and one-click preprint publishing. We envision a future where the academic publishing process is fast, independent, and affordable. Stay tuned!

Alexey Isavnin
Co-Founder / CEO
Space Scientist / PhD

Kseniia Isavnina
Data Scientist / MSc