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We make academic writing smooth and enjoyable with our minimalistic yet advanced document editor, which offers everything a well-written research paper needs.

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1 Real-time collaboration

Invite colleagues and work on your paper together in real-time. See instantly what your co-authors are writing.

Forget about passing around the draft of the Manuscript_V42.doc by e-mail  🙄. All the co-authors will have access to the latest version of the paper at any time from any device.

2 LaTeX equations

Writing a maths-heavy STEM research paper? No problem, we support LaTeX equations from α to Ω as well references to them, like so - see Equation 1:

Collaboration between Word-people and LaTeX-people is a breeze with Refereed.

3 Bibliography management

Add citations to your study via search by title, authors, or DOI [1]. Bibliography for your paper will be rendered automatically [2].


[1] Pautasso M. (2013): Ten simple rules for writing a literature review.

[2] Cooper I.D. (2015): How to write an original research paper (and get it published).

Refereed works on any desktop or mobile device

Work from any desktop or mobile device

With Refereed, you can collaborate with your colleagues from any device and on the go while still having access to the full feature set of the editor.

Refereed supports export to PDF, LaTeX, and Overleaf.

Export to various formats and platforms

We currently support export to PDF, LaTeX, and directly to Overleaf. More options for formats, platforms, and preprint servers are in the works.